Mountaineering is a high-mountain sport that consists of climbing summits and even glaciers. It is practiced in different ways such as rock climbing, glacier climbing, mixed climbing or glacier trekking. This practice is based on different techniques of progression and requires the learning of specific techniques, the acquisition of a know-how allowing to apprehend the risks inherent to the altitude, the hostile environment in which one will evolve and which differs from the usual terrain of hiking.

Appeared in the 19th century, mountaineering consists only in the ascent of mountain peaks. Mountaineering requires physical and mental qualities, specific and increasingly specialized equipment and special knowledge to guarantee the safety of those who practice it.

The high mountains are more accessible but remain an area reserved for a certain elite. It allows you to share moments of great intensity, to overcome your fears, to test your limits and to purge your thoughts.

It brings a sense of greatness, beauty, purity and the taste to always dominate oneself. « IN THE MOUNTAINS, WE ARE ON A PATH OF EXISTENCE THAT IS REAL, WITH WHICH WE CANNOT PLAY…. »