Together we go higher!

24.08 – 03.09.2021

KTMPreparation with the expedition team

03.09 – 06.09.2021

KTMto Karkha 3200m

07.09 – 08.09.2021

Lhassato Samdo

09.09 – 11.09.2021

Samdo to Base Camp 4750m

13.09 – 14.09.2021

Base campAcclimatisation and Puja

15.09 – 16.09.2021

Base campat camp I 5700m

17.09 – 03.10.2021

Period of ascent5700m - 8163m

04.10 – 05.10.2021


Thanks to you

Team Wadowski Manaslu Summit

Together we go higher!


My atypical career path, my character naturally turned to sport, sometimes extreme, to exteriorise myself, to get rid of my excess energy. Among them, basketball, rugby, boxing, triathlon and today a real passion for mountaineering.

All these sports that I have been able to practice have helped me to build myself and make me who I am. Thanks to my sporting experiences, I have been able to develop a mind capable of dealing with many situations.

Surpassing myself, perseverance and freedom naturally led me to mountaineering. For me, it is a means of escape, a way to feel alive, to be in tune with nature which decides whether or not to welcome me. In front of the uncontrollable nature, one must know how to remain humble and appreciate moments of intense emotions.

The discovery of Nepal began in 2017 with the ascent of KALA PATTHAR (5643 m) in the region of KHUMBU, it was a trigger. My altruism, my passion and my adventurous side allowed me to be in perfect adequacy with this country and its inhabitants. I have only one idea left in my head, to return there and leave on an expedition. One year later, I signed up for the expedition to attempt the Himlung HIMAL (7126 m).

Since my return from Himlung Himal in 2019, I now aim to climb the MANASLU (8163m).. Daily preparation, both physical and mental, is essential for this type of expedition. It is important to live things to the fullest to enable us to better understand them. “Science without conscience is only the ruin of the soul” François Rabelais


Masseur physiotherapist, osteopath based in Menton and sports enthusiast, he has a culture of challenge and self-improvement.

After a multitude of experiences and diplomas, including an experience at the Bastia Sporting Football Club, William has worked with many amateur and professional sportsmen and women from the region, former players of the French football team, as well as professional cyclists, who are still racing worldwide.

A proven sportsman, he pursues swimming, endurance, Karate, Shito Ryu, Full contact and triathlon to escape and surpass himself in the open air.

Surpassing oneself, through pleasure and rigour, is the key to a balance in perpetual expansion, in the image of our planet.


Consultant and Trainer on the themes of Management, Intra and Interpersonal Communication. Also, Coach and Mental Preparer for high level athletes.

After a career of 8 years as a high level athlete in the French Athletics Team and participation in the Olympic Games in SEOUL (1988) on 1OOm where he was a finalist ¼; substitute, 4 times x100M bronze medalist. Thierry then moved into the fields of real estate development and communication as a partner and held various General Management positions. Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (RICS) and the World Olympians Association (OLY).

Currently, Thierry holds the position of Director of Bachelor, Masters and MBA programmes in sports marketing and management at INSEEC.U, as well as teaching and he is a master practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis which will be an asset in Thibaut’s preparation in MANASLU (8163m).

"It's not about conquering the mountain, it's about conquering yourself."

Edmund Hillary

Extreme challenges are in Thibaut’s philosophy. With a team around the sportsman #teamwadowski, we will be able to prepare in the best conditions this ascent on the 8th highest summit in the world. We have the will to transmit, share and demonstrate that surpassing oneself is essential to progress,

Join us!

During this expedition to Manaslu, we will experience a very enriching human adventure thanks to the moments of exchange and sharing with the local Nepalese population. The media coverage will allow your brand to be associated with the exploit and the values that the “Team Wadowski” will convey. Of course, all funding will be tax deductible up to 60% of the donation amount.

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