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As a specialist in sports marketing, can assist you with your needs in Marketing & Communication, Consulting & Management, Sponsorship & Activation in the sports world.

CLOISOL SUD, in existence since 1991, has over 20 years’ experience in fitting out exclusively tertiary and industrial premises. We specialise in the creation, fitting out and renovation of work spaces, using removable and modular partitions.

The association helps the families of Nepalese heroes who have disappeared in the Himalayas to continue their lives and to provide their children with access to education, which is of immeasurable value. The association helps the children to have the opportunity to receive an education, which is not present in their villages.


Specialising in the organisation of expeditions, trekking, cultural and luxury personalised trips, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS focuses on small private groups mainly in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim and India (Ladakh).

Jean Graniou is an electrical integration and installation company. Involved in the local economy for 100 years, we put our operational excellence and experience to work on your projects in the fields of engineering, works and maintenance. 

By 2025, +1. 8 billion people will live in water-shortage areas. To meet this vital challenge, our corporate mission at Xylem is to put technology at the service of optimizing water management, in order to preserve the resource.

You are a company and you want to take
go on an adventure with us?

A partnership proposal which is not only about the MANASLU expedition, beyond the objective, it is a real human adventure. Indeed, the Wadowski team will organise and participate in several events on which we will communicate. The aim is to attract different media to the #teamwadowski.

Your company will be associated with :

– Preparation & Conduct of the different phases of the shipment.
– Transmission of the team’s know-how and values.
– And to our goal, the expedition to MANASLU 2021.

In return for your support, you will have the opportunity to communicate about our expedition and take part in a human and sporting adventure whose guidelines are surpassing, exchange, discovery, team spirit, perseverance, and objectives, in order to unite your employees, your clients and the general public around your company.

The return on investment will be clearly commensurate with your commitment.

Join-us !

With the lteam

An exceptional human adventure!

An exceptional human adventure!

With a well-thought-out and defined marketing and communication strategy, you will benefit from a team that surpasses itself with Thibaut as its leader, who alone instills all the team’s exceptional values. Come share an extreme adventure and discover the magnificent landscapes of Nepal alongside Thibaut Wadowski. Your company will therefore be associated with this expedition to MANASLU, one of the highest in the world!
Benefit from our local, national and maybe international media coverage!

For the occasion, we will create a community around Thibaut and our team with the hashtags #teamwadowski & #thibautwadowski present on all media in order to follow Thibaut’s exploits throughout the expedition. In addition, your company will be in contact with companies from the partner club in order to create a business synergy around the objective. is proud to support Thibaut during the 2021 MANASLU expedition!

A dedicated sports marketing agency throughout the MANASLU 2021 expedition.

As a future partner of the #teamwadowski, develop your philosophy, build loyalty within your company and increase your visibility thanks to this extreme adventure which is the MANASLU, the eight highest summit in the world!

An Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin & Youtube account

Find Thibaut’s preparation, through several videos, stories, live posts throughout the adventure and rebroadcast on the website.

Reporting of the event and clips on the different media

Media supports to be distributed according to your needs, media kit including: social network formats, banners, slides, flyers, logos, brochures, etc…

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